Meet Kenyatta - Polished by Kenyatta

Hi! I'm Kenyatta

Hey, Nailfriends! Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet. My name is Kenyatta and I’m a girlie born and raised in the South Bronx with a dash of island spice. My family is Caribbean, and you’ll hear both accents in any conversation with me. I’m a lover of ALL things stylish, polished and glossy.

So, picture it…New York City 2008. A young professional brown girl, strutting into an office in the Financial District of lower Manhattan. Suited and booted in pops of color and bold print. Meanwhile, my older, non-brown counterparts are in basic blue, black and grey. Now, picture it again…Atlanta 2013. A salon of seasoned nail techs in t-shirts, leggings so thin you can see their red panties and sneakers or adidas flip flops and socks. Then, in walks me – a newly licensed nail tech in a yoke lace peplum top, leather pencil skirt, fishnets and pointed toe flats. Employee or entrepreneur, I’ve always been a low-key rebel and subsequently the topic of many a side conversation. But, hey, as 50 Cent said, good press…bad press…it’s still press!

As I started looking for statement pieces to wear to the salon, I found a bunch of stuff for hair and makeup artists. Nothing cute for nail techs. Disappointed, I got online one day ordered a custom sweatshirt that read, “Christ, Curls and Cuticle Oil”. I wore it to a church social and was met with “Oh, that’s cute.” and “Oh, you do nails?” In a fun and inconspicuous way, I was elevating the nail industry, raising awareness of black nail techs and growing my clientele – all at the same damn time!

Polished by Kenyatta apparel is my visual love letter to the nail community. It’s meant to stylishly build bonds between nail polish lovers. Every item is guaranteed to turn heads and start conversations. Purchase one today!